A- Cleaning Service:

Do you love clean, hate dirty?

If you do, then BATCO are the people for you. A specialist cleaning company, with expertise in Window Cleaning and Building Washing.

BATCO are not just Window Cleaners, we’re the best company for Window Cleaning servicing for high rise building and small building ,our client list includes them all. The number of clients we service is growing by the week, our client retention rate is 100% and we’re constantly being recommended by existing customers to new ones ... !!

BATCO are the perfect company to partner with, we’re able to provide a flexible service.

*Cleaning by Roof Car system , Monorail System & Davit System.

We know that the image of your business is important to you, just like ours is to us. We can help you to show your building the image to be clean and elegant.

We are going to: High Rise Tower , Offices, Showrooms, Banking , Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, etc, call us today for a free quotation.

Middle and Eastern Region Western region / 053 416 1180 Management contact / 0551 9999 42 - 011 421 8427 

Cleaning by Rope Access Technician:- *

When it comes to rope access cleaning, BATCO certainly doesn’t take its responsibilities lightly. Our aim is to provide our clients with superior cleaning results. We work with industry leaders to ensure you get the very best service and are able to rest, knowing you are working with a company that is best in class, fully insured and has a track record to be proud of.

Whether you have a high-rise tower or a complex building require window cleaning, or façade cleaning services, or maintenance work of another kind, we will ensure your requirements are fulfilled by IRATA qualified operatives and managed by highly experienced and certified Project Managers.

Executed properly, roped access cleaning provides a fast, safe, less disruptive. Often, it is the only viable solution for working at height, both inside and out.

To make sure we are at the top of our game, we proudly equip our teams with the best gear provided by Petzl, best Tools manufacturers in the world.

B - Maintenance BMU:

Service is a major part of our commitment to our clients. With a network of fully qualified engineers and parts we are ready to respond to the servicing requirements of your business.

BATCO warrants and maintains all products manufactured and installed by us. Our maintenance division is in the capacity to maintain all kinds of BMU’s and any type of window cleaning system manufactured by any company.

BATCO Maintenance team members are well professional, highly skilled and specially trained on various kind of machines from different brands to handle the maintenance and repair work of all kind of Window cleaning equipment (BMU) available in the market.

Our teams are able to advise and rectify the expected breakdowns and reduce the down time of the BMUs by doing Planned Preventive Maintenance. Quick response and quality service for economic price make us different.

Spare Parts and Ancillary products - BATCO supply an extensive range of spare parts, lifting equipment and ancillary products backed up by experienced technical support, to prolong the working life and improve the performance and efficiency of equipment.

Maintenance of turrets and aircraft warning lights:-

The use of ropes facilitates access to the top of the peaks without causing any damage, and the complete absence of any danger to the construction and design, we can install and replace all the aircraft warning lights.

Contact us to discuss your project. We will conduct a full risk and site assessment, and work to ensure we find practical and safe solutions to the problems you face. After discussing your options with you, we are confident you will see how The BATCO are different from other rope access companies.

Don’t hesitate to contact us

for the Western region / 053 416 1180 Management contact / 0551 9999 42 - 011 421 8427


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