Temporary Suspended Platform


  •  ZLP Temporarily Suspended Platform
  •  LTD Series Hoist
  • Anti-Tilt Safety Lock
  • The Roof Suspension System
  • Electrical Control Box
  • Mobile Lifting Hoist
  • Material Lifting Equipment
  • Nonstandard Suspended Platform

ZLP Temporarily Suspended Platform

It takes men and materials up to the ideal working height to get the job done (Painting, welding, chimneys maintenance, bridge construction etc.) correctly and efficiently done.

It consists of :

  • Time saving and cost saving alternative to tubular scaffolding
  • Unlimited working height
  • Quick and easy to assemble and install Light weight and easy to transport
  • Aluminum (Steel) platform
  • Motorized traction hoists and controls
  • Steel wire ropes attached to a roof suspension system

LTD Series Hoist

LTD100 / LTD80 / LTD63 / LTD50

  • LTD100, 80, 63 & 50 adopt “α” wire guiding system. The robust and strong die-cast aluminum casing with low dead weight.
  • Gearing and drive sheave made of hardened steel. Motor protection: Protected to IP55 as standard.
  • Hoist motor is fitted with a thermal overload protection device (Option).
  • Standardized components ensures easy access to all wearing parts.

Anti-Tilt Safety Lock (LSF)

  • Safety Standard: EN1808.
  • The anti-Tilt safety lock is automatically tripped when the angle of the rope or the platform exceeds 3-8°.
  • The integrated clamping jaw mechanism holds the rope and immediately stops the movement of the system.
  • It is designed for long platform with end stirrup.

The Roof Suspension System

  • Quick and easy to assemble and install
  • Overhang length, height and width of suspension jib can be adjusted, which are suitable for operation on parapet of different heights, complex building roofs and facets.
  • New rope lock design replaced clamps which do not harm the rope
  • Store the excessive wire rope on the suspension jib if the length of wire rope exceeds the working height of suspended platform.

removed after the work has been done.

 Temporary Suspended Platform is a substitute of traditional scaffold used for exterior construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high rise building, and is also ideal for applications such as installation of elevators, the welding of seagoing ship in shipbuilding industry cleaning of oil-based paint, big-size tanks and high chimneys, construction of reservoir dams, and inspection, cleaning and repair of bridges.

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