Davit Arm System


A davit system consists of two primary components, a base and an arm. The base is a permanent fixture to the building structure and the arm is typically portable with the ability to be raised, lowered and removed. In most cases a davit system will be used to rig a Powered Platform; however, a davit system can be used with other forms of suspended equipment such as a single cage or a bosun’s chair. 

  • It is most effective when a building design has multiple levels.
  • Davits are an efficient, safe and practical permanent suspension system when utilized with the self-powered platform.
  • It is most widely used on a multi-leveled structure
  • Portable, one Davit can service numerous socket locations.
  • Davit arm will swivel and can be removed from the base.
  • Quick and easy to erect.
  • Built to meet the highest health and safety standards.
  • Proof loaded, tested and certified for man riding and materials.
  • Variable reach positions.
  • Anchor point suited to fall arrest applications.
  • Confined Space applications.
  • Industrial Access.
  • Rescue Applications.

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