Another BATCO Reference: Grand Plaza-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Supply & Installation of Façade Access Monorail system

Grand Plaza is located in King Fahad road Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The client were looking up a solution for the façade access system. The project has 11th floor & height of 40m with a finishing of roof pool.

BATCO Design, Fabrication, Supply & Installation of Monorail System . which has Aluminum track used for the Trolley from which the BATCO Cradle will be suspended. it allows the cradle to traverse along the Façade Vertically & Horizontally. 

Type of SystemMonorail System
Type of CradleBATCO 2.5M -BCO2
Trolley 2 units of Electrical Horizontal Traveling Trolley 
working Height50 meters


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